The ICI Innovation Award  Competition is one of the world’s most significant and prestigious awards

for Medical Interventions Startups.

What’s it all about?
Now’s the time to apply for the ICI 2017 Innovation Award. Open to cutting-edge medical technology startups from across the globe, the ICI 2017 Innovation Award competition will take place at the ICI Meeting 2017 on December 3-5, 2017 in Tel Aviv. Now in its 7th year, the prestigious ICI Innovation Award can help your med-tech startup gain invaluable exposure and reach the next level in your pathway to clinical approval and adoption.

What’s in it for me?
As a finalist in the ICI 2017 Innovation Award competition, you will be elected to pitch your startup company in a plenary session of the the ICI Meeting 2017 in Israel.

Finalists will receive a full array of valuable benefits:
• Gain exposure to international investment community and key industry players
• Obtain invaluable guidance and endorsement from world-class panel and peers
• Attend the value-added ICI Meeting 2018 as a featured guest
• Leverage prestige from being a finalist of a highly regarded international award

As the winner of the ICI 2017 Innovation Award competition, you will also:
• Make a presentation at the closing plenary session of the ICI Meeting 2017
• Win the top prize of a high-impact consulting package for your startup
• Present your startup at the EuroPCR conference in Paris in May 2018

Which Company Can Apply?

The competition is open to pre-seed and seed-stage med-tech startups companies from around the globe whose innovative solutions can be applied to cardiovascular diagnostics and interventions.

We will consider the following areas:
• Medical Devices
• Digital/Mobile Health / Health ICT
• Biomedicine
• Medical Consumer Products
• Medical Diagnostics
• Medical Therapeutics
• Healthcare Services/Processes

Stage One: Submission

How do you sign up?
It’s very simple:
Please login the submission system and in three easy steps to insert your Pitch.
Deadline for submission October 20, 2017.

Stage Two: Compatibility

This is a preliminary stage in which your idea will be reviewed and an update will soon be followed regarding your compatibility to the ICI Innovation award.

Stage Three: Extended Submission

Once confirmed by the committee you will be invited to the extended submission stage. You will then be require to send a partial business plan (instructions will be provided) for the review of the prestige ICI Innovation Award judges.